3RPRO – Righteous Real Rich – 07.17.2021 – Pilot 

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich is a covenant give to all of Us from the Most High. YAHReal here to heal through viewing. Get to Know YAHReal and see what we doing to build our family. Building our future with this new pilot. I decided to stop burying my one talent, what if I was both servants at the same time the one with five and the one with one talent. Today was the beginning of listening to what my Creator told me to do. I didn’t know how, nor could I afford not to do it for my soul to heal from all the ills of this world. I want the best for all mankind. I love my family and I want the works I have done to speak for me. 

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich – 07.24.2021 Episode 2

We still on TV the pilot is in the wind and now we begin to go straight into the issues. How I’ve been misused and then confused when no one wants to listen or talk about the pain. I speak the real and you can hear it. This look back was in my spirit at 21 so at 41 in 2021 I felt like the numbers added up to continue to show my journey. Hear my yesterday while seeing my life change today. Two of my heirs birthday and birth day on this weeks show. I’m a grow my family with love. Welcome to this world daughter, your Father is your Daddy and YAHReal and Dr. NaYa always give you everything in our power delivered from the Most High YAH.

3RPRO 07.31.2021 Episode 3

ABC7 WJLA Washington DC airing our show and we growing our family and preparing our home for a future that gives our children and over selves the space to facilitate greatness. I got hard work to do reach my purpose so I set my goals daily. Watch me put this grind in today while listening to songs made almost two decades ago. Keep rolling we is on this new journey….

3RPRO 08.07.2021 Episode 4

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich on ABC7 in Washington DC WJLA for fourth week. Keep grinding with YAHReal and learn how 3RPRO CEO willing to put his work in at all levels for the mission of generational wealth.

3RPRO 08.21.2021 Episode 5

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich aired on TV 08.21.2021 the previous week was rerun of last week’s episode. So we been on TV every week since starting but I realized to do 16 episodes I needed a week to get one week ahead. We still building now we doing it bigger. The journey continues…..

3RPRO 08.28.2021 Episode 6

3RPRO on ABC7 in Washington DC WJLA another day, this time featured contractor William Nickerson is with me us for a second time working on the basement video studio and learning how to work the construction and training departments of IMAGO GREEN together. We work hard and eat good yet again.

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich – 09.04.2021 Episode 7

3RPRO on ABC7 telling our story through real life and inspirational music. I want my daughter to know to “Be Yourself” is the only way to make it. Working towards a better abundant future. Willing to pay for our growth with sweat equity and hard earned certified checks to my associates.


3RPRO Righteous Real Rich – 09.11.2021 Episode 8

3RPRO on TV claiming “PayDay Coming” the final song on 20 disc one of 2021. Don’t even know if the audience know the hearing the end of the old era of our music. We climbing up one week at a time staying on the grind.

3RPRO Righteous Real Rich – 09.18.2021 Episode 9

3RPRO on ABC7 for tenth straight week with Episode 9 time to praise AHLELEUYAH HALLELUYAH getting back to how we was suppose to praise. We keep processing cause life with family purpose and love a blessing.

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs  Episode 1

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show 1st Episode aired on MYTV Richmond Fox 35.2 on October 13, 2011 from 6:30pm-7:00pm. IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show will show you how to earn green, going green. Tune in every Thursday at 6:30 pm – 7pm to figure out ways you can make money going green. New topics and up to date American Jobs Act News weekly.

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show Episode 2

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show 2nd Episode aired on MYTV Richmond Fox 35.2 on October 20, 2011 from 6:30pm-7:00pm. Live Roof and Roofing Internation segment. VCU students answer why they want money. IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show will show you how to earn green, going green. Tune in every Thursday at 6:30 pm – 7pm to figure out ways you can make money going green. New topics and up to date American Jobs Act News weekly.

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs  Episode 3

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show 3rd Episode aired on MYTV Richmond Fox 35.2 on October 29, 2011 from 6:30pm-7:00pm. 

447 Billion Dollar Jobs Bill IMAGO GREEN Jobs Episode 4

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs Show 4th Episode aired on MYTV Richmond Fox 35.2 on November 4, 2011 from 6:30pm-7:00pm.

IMAGO GREEN – Jobs  Episode 5

Thanksgiving 2011 Episode 5. Featuring Jobs Bill for Veterans Highlights and a solar installation project in Staten Island, NY.

IMAGO GREEN-Jobs Show Episode 6_447Billion Jobs Bill and Veterans Job Bill

December 8 airing of IMAGO GREEN Jobs Show. Show features 447 Billion Dollar jobs bill updates and NYC exposure.

Success Stories

IMAGO GREEN Informercial 2021

IMAGO GREEN Informercial 2021 was aired on Mother’s Day – May 9th, 2021 on Sinclair Broadcastings Washington DC WJLA ABC7 at 7am prime time. The goal of placing our own content on national network in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia regional area. Learn about our many service offerings: disinfectant spray services, LED Lights from IMAGLO and Home Energy Assessment Rebate Services offered in Virginia.


Dominion-Home Energy Assessment Program Service Announcement by Participating Contractor IMAGO GREEN

The purpose of the Home Energy Assessment is to provide qualifying customers with an easy and low-cost home energy assessment. Our technician will do a walk-through assessment of your home to identify energy-saving opportunities. You will receive a personalized report showing projected energy savings and rebate incentives for making recommended energy improvements. Customer incentives are given based on measures installed during the assessment and recommendations for major measures which may be installed on a different day. 


November 2011 solar energy system installation in Green Zone of Staten Island, NY. WWC Corp installed solar panels on their office to offset 50% of the energy consumption of their building needs. Now that’s going green.