The Journey Has a Planned Destination – I Know What I Want.

Corey P. Coleman here with plans from the past that create futures. Not every plan grows, not any man knows the date or the hour of your plans being implemented. The priority is to be organized with your plans, so when opportunity for application becomes available you ready to seize. Knowing what you want is the first step. Next you must determine why you want and what you willing to do to get that want. The series of innovative ideas written and cycles of refinement endured to deliver Detailed Feasible Solutions = Plans that work.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: 810 Broad St, Newark, NJ – Leasing Plan

Independent Contractor worked with owners agent to prepared floors four through eleven for commercial lease readiness. Lead Interim Control/Commercial Cleaning Services performed. Never got paid a penny for months of labor, but the owner got one hell of a ROI; Google Magdy Elamir. This plan taught me about karma early.
Download Leasing Plan

Chapter 2: Strategic Plan


Once IMAGO GREEN, LLC was established the first few steps involved legal paperwork and strategic planning sessions. The plan was made to deliver a destination road map. The goal was to focus on specific service agendas for first few years of service offering growth. By creating a defined agenda staying on the path of training and contracting allowed our goals to be measurable.

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Chapter 3: IMAGO GREEN – Halifax 50 Jobs Plan

I was happy to try to put together a plan that would have offered opportunities to those within the South Boston community I was raised within. The potential and excitement was high, but the financial resources are never allocated for big projects planned by minority business owners with no financing. I will update and revise this same plan once I am able to finance the project independently.

Download Halifax 50 Jobs Plan

Chapter 4: Dan River Regional – April 2010 Plan

I found there was some funding in South Side Virginia, but I was told at the grant meeting by a board member directly ‘we are not going to give you any money to start your business. Nobody will be awarded anything at this time. Then I asked “if this is the regional collaborative, why is all the funding going to Danville. The next month in the paper I read that the DRR was opening an office at SVHEC in South Boston. I was able to provoke change for community advancement, just not directly able to benefit from the efforts.


Download April 2010 Plan

Chapter 5: Small Business Bail Out Plan

After a single training success and many failures based on lack of growth opportunities I decided to publish a Small Business Bail Out Plan. At the time the banking and automotive industries had already received billions of taxpayer dollars, but the largest group of owners in USA; that had taken the biggest loses were overlooked yet again. The Small Businesses of America are not appreciated or given their fair amount of incentives. So this plan was developed to show how the budgets could be used as hiring programs that would led to economy growth for all, not just the 1%. I got some emails supporting the ideals…

Download Small Business Bail Out Plan

Chapter 6: City of Newark Green Job Training

Funding is allotted for constituent growth through training and career exploration programs, still finding the actual spending to match the bills approved budget is the real challenge. Proposed plans cost and implementation of uplifting programs cost more than officials are able to set aside. So cities need poor small business owners to help by working in-kind services so the municipality can afford to pay big corporations overhead and consulting expenses on larger project. Even when corruption is absent, incompetence makes figuring out ways to capacity build for regional small businesses/contractors improbable.

Download City of Newar Gren Job Training Plan

Chapter 7: Fish Farm Investor ROI Plan

Helping others is a beautiful thing if your time and involvement are valued. Sometimes we devalue people help only because we have not the resources to be honest with ourselves. This plan is going to be my legacy project, the updated plan will include additional resources for a solar pv system, solar led grow lighting, vertical vegetative growing of hemp, blood worm harvesting, and public/private indoor fishing recreations.

Download Fish Farm Investor ROI Plan

Chapter 8: NJIT EDC 2019 Plan

In 2018 IMAGO GREEN, LLC was invited into the NJIT EDC. Our goal is and was to grow our business in NJ and NYC. NJIT Angel Network funds innovative products ready for commercialization. IMAGLO GREEN, LLC was formed in 2018 to address the need for innovative climate change prevention products like our 7w Solar Emergency LED. Told show 1st quarter sales, meanwhile there has been major Black Outs in NYC and DC this summer. Opportunities vanish whenever others have to produce funding to offset your commercial interest. How much of a ROI would there have been had we been ahead of the problem with a in hand solution for the masses as requested last winter.

Download NJIT EDC 2019 Plan

Chapter 9: VA HB2789

This why most minorities think America is not for all. The Bill talks about Solar Energy, we started installing and teaching Solar Awareness in 2008. The bill request for formation of energy efficiency program to assist low-income, elderly, and disabled utility customer receive incentives. To date we have worked with the two specific companies outlined and have done thousands of residential energy efficiency assessments for their rebate programs. We submitted a plan directly to Policy/Program Directors to continue our supportive efforts. To date we have not been given a response.


Download VA HB2789 Plan